SS Donut Head/Shaft Rings

SS Donut Head/Shaft Rings
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A Male-Essentials Exclusive  -  Now at NEW Lower Prices!

Ready to swing some weight up front? The bright new Stainless Steel Donut Head Rings and Stainless Steel Donut Shaft Rings are the heaviest and most impressive head/shaft rings you'll find anywhere. They perfectly match the shape, width and thickness of our SS Polished Donut Rings. Just like their big brothers, they're precision made in solid surgical stainless steel and polished to a gleaming, flawless finish. 

Our initial stock sold out almost immediately. We have 'em back now, including a new Extra Wide version, weighing a hefty 4.4 ounces in the 30mm size.

Stainless Steel Head and Shaft Donut Cock Rings

Choose from 4 inside diameters in the Narrow width, 7 in the Wide, and 3 in the Extra Wide.

Narrow is 10mm wide and 6mm thick. It's ideal when you want a little extra tug in a more decorative style. *They weigh 25, 32, 37 and 45 grams respective to their size 20, 25, 30 or 35mm.

Wide is 15mm wide and 8mm thick. It provides a more dramatic presence. *They weigh 57, 62, 68, 73, 79, 87 and 95 grams relative to their size 20, 22½, 25, 27½, 30, 32½ or 35mm.

Extra Wide is 20mm wide and 9mm thick. It's the ultimate head/shaft ring, packing on awesome mass and weight. *They weigh 100 grams(3.5 oz), 125 grams(4.4 oz) and 138 grams(4.9 oz) relative to their size 25, 30 or 35mm.

 * All weights are approximate

Want more pull? Stack 'em! Graduate the sizes/widths if you like, from the base of the shaft to the head. Create for yourself the ultimate donut hang.

All sizes currently in stock. They sell rapidly, so order the sizes you want before they are depleted.

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