Steel Tear Drop Cock Rings

The versatile and stylish Tear Drop gently massages the perineal area, creating new and delightful sensations. Normally worn with the tip down, pointing inward to stimulate the perineum. It can also be worn other ways: Turn it with tip outward and up to cradle your balls. Or turn it with tip outward and down to grind your balls into your partner. Or try it with the tip outward and above to stretch out your partner. Whether flying solo or with a partner, the experienced cock ring lover will discover many delightful pleasures. The smaller 1-1/4" size is made to be worn on the penis shaft only, opening up even more possible uses for this unique design. 

An awesome ring, but not overly heavy considering its size. Available in 5 sizes in highly polished chrome steel, all at the same low price. 

NEW: Now available in a 100% Solid Stainless Steel version. This exclusive Male-Essentials beauty is heavier than the chrome version, and available in 3 sizes. It's a lifetime investment that will astound you for years to come.

Steel Tear Drop Cock Rings
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