Leather Storage Pouch

Yes, we know. Those old cotton socks you've been using to store your cock rings are perfect for stealth and protection. But we think you'll really like our new leather pouches for one or more of your favorites. These are really nice, made in the USA, and we have them in a variety of earthtone shades and textures, in 3 sizes.

The Small is great for regular rings with narrow widths. Choose the Medium size for your heavier and wider rings. The Large size is big enough to hold a small collection of your favorites. Throw 'em all in here, but be sure to keep each in its own separate velvet bag (the ones we send them in) so they don't bang together.

Each has a long leather drawstring lace at the top, so you can securely close it off and carry it with you when travelling. These are great bags for other items as well. We'll pick out a color for you, but can't guarantee what you'll get. Feel free to request a color choice when you check out though, and we'll send that if we have it.

  • Small size is about 3" x 4-3/4"
  • Medium size is about 4-1/4" x 5-3/4"
  • Large size is about 6" x 8"

Leather Storage Pouch
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