Aluminum Donut Cock Ring

Hand crafted in the USA from precision machined aerospace quality billet aluminum, this traditional donut style is tough and durable. It's big without being heavy. You'll be ready for rugged action. And when you're off the sexual playing field, the light weight and smooth design make it comfortable for longer term ornamental wear as well.

We offer it in 7 sizes, because it's a keeper and every guy is going to want one.

You can also special order it with a personalized Custom Engraved message.

  • Brushed satin finish
  • Width 3/4 inch (19mm)
  • Thickness 3/8 inch (9.5mm)
  • Weight: just over 2 ounces 



Aluminum Donut Cock Ring
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  • Item #: AECR
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Price $22.95

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