Basic Stainless Steel Wire Rings

One of the ten original offerings at Male-Essentials, our basic stainless steel rings have always been in high demand. That's probably because they are so affordable. And also because they have welded seams, hammered and smoothed out, so there are no sharp edges. Personally, we use them only as backups in an emergency, or when travelling and don't want to carry any nice ones.

They're great extras for the glovebox, locker, or wherever you might find yourself away from your favorites. They are also very useful if you are want to experiment with different sizes in an effort to determine your exact size for a higher quality ring. You can also use them for changing up those old chrome rings on your leather harnesses or other gear, or use them as in-between layers when stacking. Or... keyrings?... or maybe you need to rig some kind of equipment?

You see, the uses are endless. Which is why we have always offered sets of 7 and sets of 4, at a cost savings. Because every hard man needs to keep a few basic sets around for both general and specific uses.

The one inch inside diameter (a popular size for small glans heads) is offered in 1/8" thickness,  plus additional thicknesses of 3/16" and 1/4". The 1-1/4" size is a popular size, and we have it in a thicker 1/4" version also.

If you like the Wires, you won't be able to resist our SS Classic Wire Rings. These magnificent pieces have that same down-to-earth-basics style, but with a lot more charm. They're the ones you wear proudly, with a broad smile.


Basic Stainless Steel Wire Rings
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