Combo Cock Ring with Anal Intruder Plug

The ultimate pleasure rings that combine the best of both worlds. In the frst picture, you see the Stainless Steel Combo. The Billet Aluminum Combo is shown in the last picture. 

The Stainless Steel Combo is a Limited Edition masterpiece, constructed entirely of 100% Solid Stainless Steel, beautifully polished to a lustrous mirror finish. Available with inside ring diameter of 40mm(about 1.6 inch), 45mm(1-3/4 inch),  50mm(about 1-15/16 inch) or 55mm(about 2-1/8 inch).

The Combo comes with a standard size globe ball 30mm in diameter. It screws off, so you can interchange it with a larger or smaller ball. We currently have 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm balls in stock. Each can be ordered separately.

These are no lightweights. The Stainless Steel Combo with the standard 30mm ball weighs a total of about 10 ounces. The 40mm ball alone weighs 9 ounces, the 45mm ball is 13 ounces, and the 50mm weighs 18 ounces. 

The Billet Aluminum Combo is crafted from the highest quality solid billet aluminum. It's super light weight, making it perfect for extended wear. The butt plug is 1-1/2" (38mm) at its widest point, and position-adjustable for the best anatomical fit. Available in 7 ring diameters.

The Billet Aluminum Combo is available by SPECIAL ORDER only. Allow at least 2 weeks additional time for delivery.


Combo Cock Ring with Anal Intruder Plug
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