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The Benefits of Ball Stretching

A ball stretcher is fastened around the loose skin of the scrotum to extend the hanging length of the testicles. The balls are accentuated as they are lowered away from the body. This might seem bizarre to some, but ball stretching is a pleasurable age-old practice, and it can be good for you in quite a number of ways.

Healthy Hang

Manual exercises, like testicular massage or a session of stretching the balls with weights, is highly recommended in Chinese medicine for improved sexual health. Regular stretching promotes blood flow to the region and can stimulate production of testosterone. It also increases ball sensitivity and creates an exotic hands-free sensation for the wearer.

Arousal is certain to stimulate and excite even more. That's because a ball stretcher triggers a highly erotic pulling sensation on the skin at the base of the penis. This creates a degree of natural constriction over a larger area, often resulting in a bigger, more powerful erection. Swinging balls and weights can produce some very exciting sensations for a sexual partner as well.

Extended Sex

The testicles normally retract upwards when approaching climax, but a ball stretcher impedes this movement. Prolonged stretching sessions will train the balls to adapt to this restraint, and sexual endurance increases. Wearers often find that orgasms are dramatically delayed, lengthened and intensified. If a cock ring and/or a head/shaft ring is worn along with the ball stretcher, overall genital restriction is broadened and the effects are even more remarkable.

Enhanced Package

Wearing a ball stretcher also helps achieve a robust, well-hung appearance. Regular practice can in fact develop a permanent elongation of the scrotum. Thus an enjoyable pursuit produces a gratifying body modification. Even with genetically small testicles, or compact high-riding balls, lengthening the scrotum can improve the appearance and perceived size of the ball sac. Low hangers make for cooler, dryer balls too - yet another benefit.

TIP:  When choosing a ball stretcher size, be sure it's comfortable, but tight enough that it doesn't slip off. Measure around your sac just above the balls using the same steps as to measure for a cock ring. Sizes range from 30 to 42mm, with about 35mm being the most popular.

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