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One of the hard man's most sensitive areas is the glans (head of the penis). A particularly sensitive spot in this region is found on the bottom side of the penis where the glans and shaft meet. It's known as the frenulum. Glans head wire rings stimulate  the frenulum, creating exciting and exquisite sensations.  The rings with balls or pressure points are designed to especially target the frenulum. They not only hit the sweet spot but also help retain blood in the head, keeping it firmer and more sensitive.

They are also great for casual use when you want a ring you can wear for an extended period that is somewhat less obtrusive than our heavier Head and Shaft Rings. If less stimulation of the frenulum is desired you can turn it so the pressure point is on top, for a more decorative style. If no pressure point is desired try the new Classic Stainless Steel Wire Glans Head & Shaft Rings.