C-MAX Super Head Band Head Master Ring
C-MAX Super Head BandHead Master Ring


Get ready for a supremely altering tug and immediate elongation as soon as you put it on.


Are you ready for the Head Master challenge? Take your breath...




Spiked Glans Ring Donut Head/Shaft Rings
Spiked Glans RingDonut Head/Shaft Rings
Spiked Glans Ring


Gleaming donuts in 21 configurations make the perfect head rings.



HMO Logo Head Ring SS Colosso Head Band
HMO Logo Head RingSS Colosso Head Band


The ring for the Hard Man who appreciates his unique appeal, pursuit of pleasure and power to reach his highest potential. 


Its solid presence, and the confidence this new band provides will keep you coming back.



Gold Dragon Scales Head Ring Biohazard Glans Ring
Gold Dragon Scales Head RingBiohazard Glans Ring


Premium glans head ring jewelry expertly detailed and engraved entirely by hand.


Slip on this toxic temptor to showcase your radioactive dick.



GALAXY Head and Shaft Donut Rings Gold LOTR Glans Ring
GALAXY Head and Shaft Donut RingsGold LOTR Glans Ring


Ultra-polished stainless steel donuts make your shaft shine with all the lights of the galaxy.


With the ONE RING inscription etched all the way around, could this be THE precious glans ring?




Brushed Stainless Steel Head/Shaft Rings Chain Link Head Ring
Brushed Stainless Steel Head/Shaft RingsChain Link Head Ring


Expertly machined and proudly made in the USA.


Its industrial engine finish will turn your whole shaft into a raging machine.



Heavy Tire Head Ring Gold Cobra Glans Head/Shaft Ring
Heavy Tire Head RingGold Cobra Glans Head/Shaft Ring


An industrial heavy weight to keep you on track for a super strong tug and extra traction!


Highly detailed and dramatic, the golden serpent comes alive as you uncoil.



Solid Brass Cock and Head Bands Cobra Glans Head Ring
Solid Brass Cock and Head BandsCobra Glans Head Ring


Brushed brass bands are an investment you'll enjoy and be proud to wear anytime day or night.


Highly detailed and dramatic, for an exotic presence achievable with no other ring.




Dragon Scales Glans Ring
Dragon Scales Glans Ring


Engraved entirely by hand, it will make your head stand out as a true beast of legend.