Hexa Glans Head Ring

Hexa Glans Head Ring

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The Hexa Glans Ring has a hexagonal shape, smooth edges and a strategically placed 10mm ball to apply pressure where it pleases you the most - directly on the frenulum on the underneath side of your member, right below the corona.

The hex shape helps it to fit securely and offers a unique turn from the customary round ring, and thus a great new ornament for your body. Best of all, it will maximize your stimulation and lead to an intense orgasm. If you're with a partner, expect some extra delight there too.

It's constructed from top quality, heavy, medical grade, stainless steel that will not tarnish or stain. And it's easy to clean and non-allergenic. Available in three sizes - approximate inside diameters are Small 25mm, Medium 28mm and Large 30mm.

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