Leather Straps & Ball Stretchers

Leather Straps & Ball Stretchers
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No leather in your arsenal? Remedy that right now with a choice from our very affordable Genuine Black Leather Cock Straps and Ball Stretchers. From left to right in the picture: 

1. The 5-Snap Strap offers plenty of adjustments for use around the genital package or just the balls. 

2. The 3-Snap Strap has a tab to attach a ring of your choice to encircle the penis! (Ring not included, choose your size from our selection Basic stainless steel or Basic brass rings.) 

3. The Velcro Closure Strap is easy on and off when either hard or soft. And offers infinite adjustability.

4. The One inch Wide Ball Stretcher has a tab for attaching a weight, chain lead or ring. 

Use the drop down menu to make your choice. Suggestion: choose the complete Leather Arsenal (One of each style) at a special reduced price. It's the Basic Leather Essentials Package that every Hard Man of Pleasure and Perfomance needs.

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Price $7.95

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