A magnetic cock ring features a unique detachable segment held in place by strong embedded magnets. This provides an easy way to put it on, as well as a speedy release. It also eliminates the "what if I can't get it off?" concern.

Our magnetic ring/stretcher is a cylindrical beauty, and becoming extremely popular, whereas the magnetic jumbo is the heaviest donut cock ring available anywhere, and recommended only for those who know they can handle the weight.

Magnetic Jumbo Donut Cock Ring Magnetic SS Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher
Magnetic Jumbo Donut Cock RingMagnetic SS Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher
Are you ready for massive! The Magnetic Jumbo is the heaviest donut cock ring we offer. Made from solid stainless steel and embedded with super strong magnets, it's a gleaming titan that will catapult you into the game at record speed. Easy to...

Easy action! Powerful magnets allow you to suit up fast for exciting stimulation with no hassle. Get ready for an awesome experience or climax. Our premium magnetic stretcher functions as a stunning cock ring or an amazing ball stretcher. Just...