SS Colosso Head Band

SS Colosso Head Band

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The Colosso delivers the weight (42 to 70 grams, size dependent) to give your cock the tug it craves, showing extra length when flaccid, and a bold bulging head when swollen. Its solid presence, and the confidence this new band provides will keep you coming back.

That's because we designed it with a squared interior that, despite the hefty weight, helps secure it in place over the coronal head. And to ensure a precise and comfortable fit, we machined it in a full range of sizes. We currently have 20, 22½, 25, 27½, 30, 32½ and 35mm.

Crafted from the finest quality stainless steel, the handsome brushed finish will keep you delightfully proud, and your observors fully impressed. A perfect 15 mm wide and 5 mm thick, you'll want a size for every arousal state, and some extras for stacking on your shaft. Get your penis lassoed by the Colosso... and watch the excitement begin.



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