Nitrile Rubber Cock Rings

Nitrile Rubber Cock Rings

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Choose from our selection of strong and durable Buna-Nitrile Rubber rings. They're 3/16 inch (5mm) thick and non-stretchable, but very pliable and have just a bit of give. All sizes are "nominal", meaning that the actual inside diameter may be a fraction less than the stated size. The drop down list shows all the sizes, along with several money-saving sets (when available). 

If you are new at wearing rings and not certain of your best personal configuration, these rings are an easy and inexpensive way to experiment with different sizes before making a more substantial investment in a a metal cock ring. And they are indispensable if you are sizing yourself out for a custom chastity device.

They are often used as a retainer in front of a heavy head or shaft ring to keep it from sliding off. Or as a partition between stacked rings to avoid clanging or pinching.

Burnt orange silicone rings, though identical in shape, size and pliability are in some ways superior. Or if you want something with a bit more stretch, our soft touch silicone rings are available in four colors.

SAVE: Buy 5 or more, any size or sizes, and get $.50 off each. Buy 10 or more and get $1.00 off each.


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