Female Full Body Leather Dildo Harness

Female Full Body Leather Dildo Harness
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Are you ready to let her go places she's never gone before? This genuine heavy duty leather full body dildo harness will allow her to boldly explore her (and your) kinky fantasies, including the gender-bending ones. It exudes an intoxicating leather fragance and exotic appeal that will keep her coming back. The front is adorned with big chrome rings and heavy chrome metal rivets, to beautifully frame the breasts.  

Fully adjustable buckles in front and rear allow comfortable adjustment for most female bodies from small to large. The dildo ring is secured with four heavy metal snaps, and can be removed and replaced with other rings. No dildo is included. You are instructed to go elsewhere and carefully choose the ones to suit your particular mood, taste, size and style.

  • 3/4 inch wide heavy, soft garment leather straps
  • Eight heavy chrome rings
  • Replaceable dildo ring with 50mm inside diameter
  • Four fully adjustable straps in the back, two in front
  • Sliding adjustment buckle on the rear elastic strap


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Price $78.95

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