The Male-Essentials Journal


Late November 2017

Organic Roots

So there I was, twelve years ago, at the check out counter of the Amish supply store, paying for some dog food. I glanced up at the wall. There hung a wide array of rigging goods - some leather, some chrome, some brass. Looking straight ahead, my eyes became fixed on a row of stainless steel rings. They were neatly arranged on nails, in order from smallest to largest.

Along with saddles, animal feeds and grooming supplies, all manner of goods filled the shelves in the store. But not these rings, with their bright shiny finish and smooth, hammered seams. No, they were prominently displayed, within easy reach of the attendant. He told me they were selling so fast he could hardly keep a stock. They were of course made for rigging horse equipment. Got horses? You need nice tack to bridle and harness them, and stainless steel wire rings help fill that need.

In those days however, scoring quality hardware for a discerning human male (that would be... me!) was far more important, and exceedingly more difficult. So I eagerly purchased a generous assortment for my own use, and walked out with a broad smile. The clerk must have thought I had a large stable to care for. I had none. But with a cool cache of tools for my personal enhancement and delight, no stud on earth could have felt better equipped.

Some things never change it seems. An Amish store was my source then, and to this day an Amish outlet remains a reliable supplier. As our orders increased over the years, they finally asked what it was that we were doing with all those rings. I merely replied that we had a very important project requiring a lot of rigging, and left it at that.

That project, now ten years running, remains as organic today as was my pivotal discovery that day shopping for pet food. An oh-so-slow venture born of nature and necessity, Male-Essentials became not only a surprising success, but also an amazing adventure.

Next entry: Transplanted Shoots


Head Tug

Heavy Chrome Donuts were one of our ten initial offerings back in the day (that's right, we started with a total of just ten items). Along with the SS Donutswhich came later, they were the heaviest rings we offered. Both remain immensely popular today, and look especially nice on guys with big balls.

But now, our exclusive new SS Donut Head/Shaft Ring is the heaviest HEAD ring ever. One or more are the perfect complement to a big donut, or great to wear anytime maximum weight or pull is desired. Available in three widths and three sizes, our initial stock is limited and will likely sell out before we get more.

These high polish donuts are ideal for pole stacking. They roll smoothly together, virtually eliminating risk of pinch, while the increased weight and bright, rugged appearance combine to create a dynamic experience.

Triple Treats 

Our Triples and Quads were pure delights for those who made the discovery years ago. And we still have them! C&B Cages have always been our faves. They're a natural for any guy with medium to low hangers. They grip those balls and encircle the shaft, to effectively triple he overall pleasure quotient. So here's two new irresistable ones:

The Super Tri-Ring is like a triple on steroids... and what a beauty! The wider rings and smooth satin finish will embrace your package in stunning fashion, and wearing one can create an awesome arousal. Three standard sizes are available, and a custom configuration can also be made. Contact us if interested. 

Still prefer the SS wire cages? Then put the new Cobra Cock Cage at the very top of your tri-to-try list. Not only does it provide an intense, gratifying ball stretch, it properly angles your phallus to uncoil to its full potential. Now that's a snake we call a PLUS. Three sizes. And custom configurations are available.

Freely Express

Since its late introduction a few years ago, one of our big sellers has been the Brushed SS Band Rings. Now we're excited to offer them with custom engraved lettering in the exact size and width you need. Choose the Engraved SS Band Cock Ring (up to 27 characters) or the Engraved SS Head/Shaft Ring (up to 17 characters).

An engraved ring makes a striking impression. Dont know what to engrave? Try a pet name. That always works. Or be as nasty/nice/neutral as you like, and create the perfect message for yourself or another. Let that gorgeous cock communicate as it arises to the occasion, making it special for all.

If you prefer the lighter weight billet aluminum rings, we do those as well. On our Engraved Ring Page you will find all the styles available for customizing. Remember to allow a few extra days to process any custom work.  

Bulldog Two

We're retiring our old bulldog harness (at half-price) and replacing it with our NEW Leather Bulldog Harness. To be honest, it's not totally new. We did a trial run on these earlier this year. They were so hot, we had them made in three colors! Yet another Male-Essentials exclusive.

Our genuine Leather Cock Ring Harness is our flagship leather creation. We like it so much we couldn't resist mentioning. What's not to like? It has a clean uncluttered front with 25 metal appointments. There's adjustability, versatility, affordability and... the best part? You can snap off any or all of the three rings in front, including the cock ring, and replace them with your choice from our extensive SS Classic Wire Rings collection.


Thanks and Celebration

And now for the good part...  OOPS, have to run some errands... need to buy some more dog food. Tune in again... there's more... later.