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Celebrating our 10th Year

Thank You!

Insiders Club: 

The Male-Essentials Insiders Club is again now open to new members. If you have not already done so, fill out the Request form and get ready to share in all the goodies that membership offers you. Do it now, because membership is limited, and we don't know how long we can take new members.

New Leather Pouches:

As an alternative to those old cotton socks you've been using, check our new Made in the USA Leather Pouches in three sizes. Store your steel rings in these. Affordable luxury, nice smell, excellent protection, and great for travelling.

Free Protective Pouches:

It's important to take care of your rings. So if you're ordering more than just a basic SS or brass, we now include a FREE custom-sized velvet pouch to store it in. Most of the head/shaft rings will now come with a FREE small drawstring velvet pouch as well. We know you like your rings, so we're making it a little easier for you to give every one of them the best home when not in use.


Free Shipping:

We're offering FREE shipping on all orders over $75.00 in the U.S. It's automatic (no coupon code is required). We could never forget our international buyers, so we worked out a an equivalent discount for you as well.

On our Info Desk page, you'll find a Shipping Charges Chart with full details of our great new discounts on shipping.

More New Products:

Our new Wire Cockrings are apparently the SS Classic everyone has been waiting for, because you guys are loading up on these. It's a good thing we stocked generously. And we wanted to offer a choice, so we have all the sizes in 2 wire diameters, 8mm and 10mm.

Genital Jewelry is quite expressive in itself, don't you think? Well now even more so with our new Aluminum Billet Custom Engraved Rings. Turn around on these is just a few extra days. Any occasion to wear a personalized ring will be one to remember. We have them in bands for your whole package or head/shaft. And we just added a new donut style as well.

Stainless steel still rules supreme in our ever expanding tool/toy box. In addition to several new rings, we introduced a line of insertables, including 3 awesome wands and an incredible rotating dildo.

Leather is sensual and "scent"ual. We added seven new styles of leather harnesses. Five are male. Two more are female, to allow her to share in the liberation and empowerment.

Rounding out our loving ascent into leather are three stinging-hot red and black floggers and a matching heart shaped paddle. Feed us back on how you like them, and how they "feel".

Finally, there's a shiny chrome separating ball weight/stretcher for those eager to "hang out" with us, and a unique gemstone enhanced ring to crown your cock like none other.

Are you still enjoying the ride? Let us know.

One last thing. As your arsenal grows, you may need to deal with this:




PhalluS ErectuS: the Male-Essentials Insiders Club


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