C-MAX Super Head Band

C-MAX Super Head Band

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The Colosso MAX is our heaviest head ring, a third wider and 40% thicker than the original Colosso, and TWICE as heavy! Get ready for a supremely altering tug and immediate elongation as soon as you put it on. Weighs from 90 up to 138 grams in the largest diameter. 20mm wide and 7mm thick, with available inside diameters 20, 22½, 25, 26, 27½, 28, 30, 32½ and 35mm.

Like the original Colosso, we designed it with a squared interior that helps secure it in place over the coronal head. Still, if you find it slides off, try adding a black nitrile or hard red silicone ring to help hold it on.

Machined from the finest quality stainless steel, with a smooth brushed finish, the C-MAX is certain to amaze you.


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