Custom Spiral Orbit Ring

Custom Spiral Orbit Ring

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Image a stainless steel wire snaking around your penis three and a half turns. Exciting, right? Now imagine a moveable 10mm ball, positioned and pressing exactly where you want it. How about 2 or more balls? You're in for some head spinning sensations.

Your custom spiral comes with one ball, not counting the smaller balls at each end. To add more, simply screw off one of the ends, and slip on one or more moveable balls and position them anywhere you want on the spiral.Order additional balls separately, or get a spiral with 6 balls at a reduced price.

Total length is about 35 to 40 millimeters. Available in 4 sizes, so you can be assured of a good fit. Your new Custom Sprial will be shipped immediately. These are made in house, so there's no waiting.


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