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The Attraction of Magnets

A magnetic cock ring or a magnetic ball stretcher features a unique detachable segment held in place by strong embedded magnets. The provides an easy way to put it on, as well as a speedy release. There are other advantages too, but whether to opt for a magnetic ring or magnetic stretcher will depend on which of the two you are choosing, and how it's used.

Cock Rings

In and Out:  Putting on a cock ring is usually an easy task, but some users may find a magnetic cock ring goes on easier and faster. The instant release option virtually eliminates the "what if I can't get it off?" concern. More importantly, you can remain hard or semi-hard during removal. That option is not so easy with a conventional cock ring.

Action:  Magnetic rings are among the heaviest cock rings available. If you want something lighter or thinner you will need to choose a conventional, non-segmented style. Consider your activity also. While magnets will hold a ring together securely, a session of especially rough sex could conceivably disengage the segments.

Ball Stretchers

A segmented ball stretcher is often preferred over a non-segmented one because you can choose an inside diameter smaller than what your balls can pass through. This allows for a secure and comfortable fit, and eliminates any worry about it slipping off. 

In and Out:  Other segmented ball stretchers must be manually fastened with a wrench, but the new magnetic ball stretchers are easy on, easy off. No tools are required, and stacking one or more additional stretchers on the scrotum is an easy transition.

Action:  While a magnetic ball stretcher has advantages over a non-magnetic one, it doesn't offer quite as much security. It's possible that some rowdy sexual activity could cause a disengagement of the segments. A non-magnetic stretcher eliminiates that risk.

Cock & Ball Cages

When you aren't in the mood for a heavy hang, consider a Cock & Ball Cage for a milder stretch. It's a single device that incorporates a ball stretching ring with a cock ring and shaft ring. Adding simultaneous ball stretching to your cock ring experience just might turn it into an ecstatic one.

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