Heavy Elliptical Ball Stretcher

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Many have said this is a ball stretching fan’s dream come true. Our Elliptical ball weight was specifically designed to be the most effective yet comfortable ball stretching tool available. The clever new shape makes it less likely to slip off than round ball stretchers, and that spells confidence! 

You'll love the natural weight of this unique device as it gives your ball sac a constant tug. You'll love the ease of use too. Use the included hex wrench to loosen the single hex bolt located on the side. Gently pull your scrotal sac inside and replace the nut to secure it in place. There are no rough edges, and it stays comfortable as long as you’re wearing it.

Use just one, or stack two or more for a sensational look, with added weight and pull. When wearing more than one elliptical ball weight, the rounded edges help prevent the ball weights from trapping your skin. 

It’s made from solid stainless steel material, non-porous and easy to keep clean. The inside ellipse is about 60mm long and 20mm wide (not 17mm as noted in the pic below). Choose from two sizes:

    • 20mm high, weighs around 11 ounces (310 gr.)
    • 35mm high, weighs around 19.5 ounces (559 gr.)

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