SS Corona Head Band

SS Corona Head Band
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SS Corona Head/Shaft Band Rings

Another HMOUTFITTERS Exclusive!

Fly high in a stainless steel flyweight. You'll hardly notice it's there... that is, until some excitement begins. Then you'll marvel at its magic as you swell to new heights and dimensions. But no matter what state its in, your cock head will always appear larger, from the sheer spectacle of it mushrooming out of the ring's uber-slim, ultra-polished profile. 

There's virtually no risk of it falling off. Weighing a scant 7 to 11 grams (depending on the size), the Corona will always allow your cock to find its highest angle. And if you place one directly over the frenulum, it will throttle your stimulation just enough to keep you harder, longer (lengthwise and timewise), and pleasure-focused. Then you'll peak out with an extended, frenzied, mind-blowing explosion.

With a midsize width of 10mm, and its sleek 1.5mm walls, it's perfect anytime day or night... or wear it all day long. Whether you want to show, grow, or get down while staying high... reach for a Corona. 

Order extras too. All seven sizes are available at the same low price.

Size 32.5mm is currently unavailable, and other sizes may also sell out before we stock more. Order now to avoid disappointment.

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