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Form and Function

Head rings, also called glans rings, are designed to fit just under the head of the penis. Their primary function is to enhance the head by constricting blood flow in the glans. This makes it larger, firmer and more sensitive to stimulation. The result can be a highly exciting sexual encounter for you, or for both you and your partner. Even if you're otherwise satisfied with the quality of your erections, a glans ring can make your head more engorged and responsive to the touch.

Head rings can also delay ejaculation. On the bottom side of the penis where the glans head and penile shaft meet, there is a super sensitive "sweet spot" known as the frenulum. When this area is energized, exquisite sensations are produced, often leading to an orgasm. A wide ring can shield this area and throttle the stimulation, enabling you to enjoy your erection longer.

The thinner wire glans rings often have balls or points to pressure the frenulum. Experiment to see if you like the direct stimulation they provide. There may be times when they function superbly for you and other times when you prefer a wider ring.

Often incorporated into the design of urethral tools, wire rings can also play a dual role. In this case they not only stimulate and enhance, but also help keep the urethral insertion in place.

Visuals and Versatility

Worn for adornment, head rings provide exciting visuals even when you are mainly flaccid or only partially erect. Use a smaller size so that it doesn’t fall off. Wear a larger diameter when you anticipate arousal or sexual activity. You will probably want some larger rings anyway, to wear at the base of the penis and/or on the shaft.

Combining them with other rings is especially exciting. For example, you might wear a conventional cock ring behind the cock and balls, one or more rings on the shaft or at its base, and finally a glans or head ring. Such combinations often result in a truly powerful erection, while at the same time keeping the stimulation in check, allowing for a prolonged session of pleasure and performance.

Tug and Traction

Another popular trend is to sport a heavy ring on the head to generate pleasurable traction on the penis. Our stainless steel head and shaft donut rings are perfect for this. They effectively lengthen your pole, creating a visually impressive "hang", along with a very compelling tug. If heavier traction is desired, one or more additional rings can be stacked on the shaft.

Available with optional colors and accents, aluminum head and shaft rings also provide great visuals. Their lighter weight might be preferred for extended wear, or when you want to be ready for a faster, less restrained erection.